Grow New Cartilage Using Nanogel!

While the title might sound like some late night TV salesman pitch, this development is nothing to laugh about. Cartilage is one of the fundamental building blocks of our bodies. The thing with cartilage is it does not regenerate like bones, when you become an adult, you stop growing any new cartilage. The ‘Nanogel’ developed by Northwestern University researchers is the first of it’s kind and acts like a matrix that new cartilage cells can grow on. So where’s the nano?

“Our material of nanoscopic fibers stimulates stem cells present in bone marrow to produce cartilage containing type II collagen and repair the damaged joint,” First Author Ramille N. Shah.

This is very exciting news for anyone suffering from joint pain or loss of physical function due to damaged cartilage (Hint: this is a lot of people). [Science Daily]

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