Trends In Mobile Medicine

Our friends over at sent over a great article about the top 10 trends in mobile medicine. I’ve posted the first five head on over to their website for the rest. ( Using cell phones to detect airborne toxins: Cell phones are everywhere these days, and I do mean everywhere: There are 4.6 billion […]

Wear Contact Lenses At Night To See Perfectly During The Day

For all my farsighted friends out there, some health technology that could change your life. A scientist in Spain has developed a new type of contact lens that temporarily corrects Hyperopia overnight so that users can go without contacts during the day: Pauné’s design is the first contact lens capable of correcting hyperopia without refractive […]

Microsoft’s Next Software Should Be EHR

Microsoft already has Healthvault, their electronic health records solution but this is not a full scale EHR(electronic health record) solution. The company already has is deeply involved in ERP solutions (with Microsoft dynamics) and even CRM… So why haven’t they tackled health care head on? An article by Austin Merritt tackles this question and according […]

New SmartPill Knows When You Take It

Here at Techmedicus we love our smartpills. This new one has been developed at the University of Florida and is specifically used to track whether a patient has taken their pills or not. The American Heart Association calls patients’ failure to follow prescription regimens “the number one problem in treating illness today.” Studies have found, […]